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Tinted Strawberry Lip Balm

Lip Care

This tint will exceed your expectations!

More juicier & More favorable. Get that natural flush look for everyday use with this perfect match to any skin tone!

What better way than a strawberry beauty on your face?

You could call it a love affair with the color red, but don’t worry. We promise you’ll get over it soon enough!

You’re bound to look like an absolute stunner, whether at work or with friends.

Will you let this red hue to color your lips?

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Beautiful red hue that also feeds your skin. You can use it on your lips and cheeks. It’s made with natural ingredients that are good for you. There is no other stuff in it, just natural things that are good for you.

Nunah’s Strawberry Lip balm looks good on everyone , it is sheer and blends easily with only one swipe. The tint is  subtle enough to wear every day.

TINT : Passionate, intense shade  of wine. In the end it’s all about love: passionate and rich in color with hints of red flowing through them like spilled blood or just-kissed lips. A color that resonates with the joyous emotions of falling in love. ~ And this is for you Strawberry Lip Balm

🔹Organic olive oil
🔹Organic jojoba oil
🔹Unrefined shea butter
🔹Strawberry essential oil
🔹Vitamin E oil
🔹Castor oil
🔹Organic coconut oil
🔹Strawberry extract

TIP : Use alone or add top of lip liner for a strong look. Apply and blot of excess for a subtle stain on lip or cheek.


• 100% Natural – Our 100% natural lip balms are made with the best ingredients. Made from all-natural, ecologically grown strawberries in a handcrafted recipe that you’re sure to love!
• Nourishing and hydrating – At first glance, the Nunah Lip Balm may seem like just another product on your shelf. But this buttery stick is more than that! Not only will you get relief from dry lips with every use. It also provides nourishing and hydrating benefits for your lips (don’t worry about them chipping anymore).
• Heals chapping and pigmentation – This  Lip Balm is the perfect remedy for chapped lips.  It moisturizes and sweetens your pucker, while providing protection against cold weather to keep them soft!
• Relieves roughness – The natural moisturizing properties of shea butter are quickly absorbed into the skin to relieve roughness.
Packed full with Vitamin E, this lip balm also provides quick relief for chapped lips in dry weather conditions!
• Softens and smoothes – You’ll feel like a darling when you put on this lip balm. It’s soft and smooth.
• Non-sticky – This lip balm is like a breath of fresh air for your pucker. It’s made with only natural ingredients and won’t leave behind any stickiness to ruin that perfect smile!

RITUAL :  Take out a bit with your clean finger, then apply whenever you’d like for an amazing red flush. Layer on to get full Opacity or tap it in order achieve Sheer Color

NOTE : All of our products are free from Animal testing and contain No parabens, No sulfates, No silicones, No GMOs and No harsh chemicals.

  1. Aniritha

    I’m not a big fan of lipbalm, but i was really curious about nunah and its products, that my friend recommended . It was amazing

  2. Pavithra

    I was really impressed with how well this balm worked. I usually have to reapply lip balm a few times throughout the day, but with this one, I only had to apply it once and my lips felt great all day long.

  3. Vino

    I would definitely recommend this lip balm to anyone looking for a good, all-day lip balm. It’s definitely my new favorite!

  4. Samiksha

    Nunah has an amazing lip balm that comes in a small, red tin and the product inside is fantastic.

  5. Ranjanaa

    The lip balms are so soft and moisturizing! I could feel the luxurious texture as soon as they touched my lips.

  6. Sathya

    The lip balms were so soft and moisturizing. I could really tell that the ingredients had been carefully selected for all my needs, from dry skin to sensitive skins .

  7. Sasi

    My lips have never been so happy using Nunah lip balm. It is the best thing for dry, chapped skin and tastes great too!

  8. aniritha

    The lip balm feels like silk on your lips. The sweet, soothing scent is incredible!

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