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Moist Riser – Moisturizer | Cell Regeneration & Hydration

Face CareMoisturizer

Open yourself to a world of hydration in the jar. You’ll find that our moisturizer is packed with ingredients your skin will appreciate & thoughtfully curated with – Pomegranate + Green tea + Pro-Vitamin B5.

Give your skin the best treatment with this amazing moisturizer! It’s made for every type of face on earth.


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Moist Riser – Cell Regeneration & Hydration

Moist Riser is a moisturizing cream that works wonders on your skin! Make your skin look and feel softer, plump with a youthful glow. Open yourself up for intense hydration in this powerful yet lightweight hyaluronic acid moisturizer that will leave you feeling more refreshed than ever before!

This high performance formulation is the art of making skin look and feel good. It reveals smooth, glowing dewy textures within just five minutes of application! You will never want to go back! Let your skin breathe while regenerating new cells with the perfect blend of ingredients.

There are so many skin types, but this moisturizer will work for just about anyone! From dry skin to oily, sensitive or acne prone – this miracle moisturizer will do wonders for your skin. So go ahead and treat yourself with a little luxury today!

APPLY: Add the desired amount of moisturizer into hands and breathe in its fresh scent as you massage it onto skin.

MULTI-USE : The best way to keep your skin looking its best is to use AM + PM on face, neck, tops of hands .



Firstly, PRO-VITAMIN B5 helps to keep your skin smooth and healthy. It has anti- inflammatory propertiesΒ  that can help stimulate your skin’s healing process. Deeply hydrating, it helps to keep skin quenched by absorbing moisture from the air ! (clever)

Our second hero Ingredient, GREEN TEA, is super rich in antioxidants .It has natural astringent, toning and soothing properties to boost your body’s collagen levels.

The third ingredient, The HYALURONIC ACID is a holy grail for dry skin. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles & boosts your healing from acne scars to give you that dewy look all day long!

POMEGRANATE is the miracle fruit for your skin! It reduces sagging and wrinkles, boosts cell regeneration to give you youthful-looking good looks.

GRAPESEED OIL is the perfect solution for skin tightening. It’s non-comedogenic, antibacterial and even treats acne.

Treat yourself to a little royal today and get the miracle moisturizer that will make your skin healthy and happy! Dry, oily or sensitive? This product has got you covered.

NOTE :All of our products are free from Animal testing and contain No parabens, No sulfates, No silicones, No GMOs and No harsh chemicals.


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