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Premium Handmade Neem Wood Comb (2 In 1 Bristles Comb)


Our Neem Comb is treated with oils & herbs for maximised scalp stimulation. Made of young neem wood, these combs deliver nutrition of neem & herbs to scalp, with every stroke of combing.

The stimulation & nutrients delivered by neem combs promotes hair growth, prevents hairfall, treats dandruff & alleviates itchiness. The wood also inhibits cuticle damage typically caused by plastic or fibre combs & brushes.

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1.Reduction in hair loss, dandruff.

2 .Anti-static, prevents frizzing and breaking of hair.

3.Soft on your hair and scalp

4.Helps remove dust and dirt from scalp

5.Naturally nourishes hair

6.Prevents scalp itchiness

7.Gentle on scalp

8.Prevents hair breakage

Care Instructions:
-You can wash it. But take care to dry it after washing. Use a spare toothbrush to clean its teeth.

End of Life:
– Our Neem comb usually lasts for a lifetime. But in case they break you can decompose them


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