Desi Gulab Affair – Face Brightening Pack

Face Pack

For a smooth, bright complexion that is the envy of your peers – try this royal face mask! Its time for you to indulge in this romantic luxurious scent tailored especially for Indian skin!

Transform your skin with our ” Desi Gulab Affair”. Made of ingredients that are powerful enough to remove deep-rooted pollution and leave you feeling bright, our natural Desi Gulab Affair is the perfect way to rejuvenate dull lifeless skin while also nourishing it using only natural heroes like rose petals, licorice root , geranium etc.,

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Get the glow!
No matter how you slice it, the hardworking ingredients in this Desi Gulab Affair will get your glow on. The ingredients in this Desi Gulab Affair are hard at work to give you that beautiful glow. From native roses, licorice root and many more ethically sourced all the way up until they’re mixed with water for your face!⁠

The simple yet effective words of wisdom from us on why everyone needs a little “Desi” time every day . We crafted the Desi Gulab Affair with key components like ‘native roses’ and ‘geranium’ which nourishes skins cells while enriching its beauty; plus other organic herbs such as liquorice root extract, not only have antioxidant properties but can help rejuvenates the skin and removes  blackheads .


RITUAL: Take some Desi Gulab Affair. Breathe in the fresh aroma and mix it with water/diluted lemon juice/milk/yogurt/green tea/coconut milk/or your favorite hydrosal.

Tip : Use as a scrub by gently massaging for a 2-3 minutes.

Multi-Use :
You can use it on the face + neck + back of arms. It can also be used as a scrub, cleanser, or facemask.

◾Sun Dried Rose Petals -Remove dead skin cells from your skin. This will make your skin glow. It has antioxidants that fight acne and breakouts.
◾Licorice Root Extract- Anti-inflammatory agent ,Reduces Hyper-pigmentation & assist in skin lightening.⁠
◾Organic Oat Meal-  They’re natural cleanser that removes the dirt and oil from your skin.
◾Orange Peel – Helps clear tan and it keeps pimples away. It also makes your skin brighter and slows down the signs of aging.
◾White Turmeric Root-  Has anti-inflammatory qualities and it calms the skin.
◾Red Sandalwood – It helps you control oil on your skin and also gives you nourishment.
◾Rose Oil – Can help hydrate your skin. It also makes scars seem less noticeable and helps with eczema and rosacea conditions.
◾Geranium Oil -Tightens the skin and helps to remove the dead skin cells and makes your skin look healthy .

Suitable for all skin types.

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