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Deep Repair – Rejuvenating Eye Serum (Vitamin C + Caffeine)

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Take your darkest circles, wrinkles, and droopy eyelids head on with our potent One-Two punch of Vitamin C + Caffeine!

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Rejuvenating Eye Serum

The perfect way to beat those dark circles! The combination of Vitamin C & caffeine act as a powerhouse. It can brighten them making you look healthier, more rested and refreshed than ever before.

This under eye serum will also add a youthful, dewy sheen to your skin around the eyes and tighten them into smooth tissue that is barely visible.

This eye serum will also add collagen to the skin around your eyes and tighten bag, leaving them looking less aged.


HERO INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C extract , Trimethylpurine (Caffeine) , Prunus dulcis (Almonds) , Citrus sinensis (Orange ), Citrus × limon (Lemon) , Salvia rosmarinus (Rosemary extract) , Lavandula angustifolia (Lavendar extract).

RITUAL : Gently roll the roll-on around your eyes. Massage under and over the eyes with your fingertips. Do this as gently as you can to avoid pressure, until the oil is absorbed. Use AM+PM for good results.

BENEFITS : Reduces the look of dark circles, puffiness ,fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

MULTI-USE : Also can be used on the pigmented areas on your face.

What are you waiting for? Get rid of those pesky dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around your eyes with our amazing formula!


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