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Period Cramp Relief

Feel Better

An end to period pain ! No more cramps and discomfort.

Hey girl! All you need is our Feel Better- Period Companion.

Why Feel Better ? Soothes Cramps Eases Bloating Zero Staining Continuous Relief

Quench your monthly cramps with this innovative remedy!

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Quick Overview

No more painkillers or hot water bags

What's inside Feel Better

You matter to us! That's why our products are always formulated with only the best ingredients.


The cypress tree has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It's beneficial properties make this wonderful plant a good choice for menstrual cramps.

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Lavender is a great way to manage period cramps.Soothing effects of this oil reduce prostaglandins that mediate pain in the uterus.

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Rosemary extract contains an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agent that could be beneficial in treating symptoms of cramps.

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Geranium is the perfect medicine for those suffering from menstrual cramps. It has antioxidant properties which heal your period pains .

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Peppermint is the key to relief from mensural cramps. It relaxes uterine muscles and muscle spasms, soothing any pain caused by them!

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Cocos nucifera is a powerful relaxant that helps in fighting cramps.They are a great way to ease pelvic muscles

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Period Cramp Relief

Frequently Asked Questions

So what are you waiting for? Get the answers right here in FAQ!

What is it made out of?
This is a 100% ayurvedic roll on. It's made with the goodness of Cypress, Lavender, Peppermnint, Geranium and with many more ayurvedic herbs
How long will one period relief roll on lasts?
Our Feel Better - roll on typically lasts for 4 to 5cycles.
What can I eat to reduce my menstrual cramps?
Drink more water. Eating light vegetable soups can also be beneficial in bringing comfort relief to body pains by increasing hydration and providing relief for inflammation in the abdomen area. Certain foods like apples, pears, plums and avocados also contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can help to a extent
Will Feel Better mensural pain relief roll on help with too much pain?
The Feel Better - Period Cramp Relief Roll On is a better option for people who have lower or moderate pain.
Does your Period Cramp Relief leave stain over the clothes?
The Period cramp relief is absorbed quickly into your skin and it doesn't leave any stain on your clothes/body.
What are the side effects of this mensural pain relief roll on?
All of the ingredients in this mensural pain relief are 100% natural and rooted in ayurveda , so there is no side effect.

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