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Eye Serum

Deep Repair

You’ve tried the rest, but now there is finally a solution for your under-eye circles.

Two powerhouse ingredients, Vitamin C & caffeine

Way to keep Dark Circles Fine Lines Puffiness at bay

Don't let eyesores like under-eye circles, puffy eyes or dullness spoil your look. The best rejuvenating eye serum for you is out !

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Quick Overview

This eye serum will go far to keep your eyes healthy!

What's inside Deep Repair

You matter to us! That's why our products are always formulated with only the best ingredients.


Almonds lighten dark circles under eyes . It contains antioxidants like vitamin E & Vitamin K that protect skin cells from damage due to UV rays.

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Oranges contain Phosphorus and Magnesium help in lightening the skin, while Vitamin C helps remove dark circles.

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It helps with fine lines as they trigger the blood circulation under the eyes and reduce the puffiness . Rosemary oil nurture the skin under eyes .

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Lemon is a powerful ingredient that works wonders for dark circles. It also helps moisturize and evens out your skin tone.

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Free radicals are the cause of aging skin and can lead to wrinkles. Lavender has antioxidants which protect you from the harmful molecules .

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Caffeine is an excellent way to reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It tightens and brightens skin, ensuring that you have a more youthful look overall!

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Eye Serum

Frequently Asked Questions

So what are you waiting for? Get the answers right here in FAQ!

Can under eye serum be used on a face?
It can be used in the pigmented areas of your face, because nunah's products are always multi-used.
Why is it a must have Serum?
Reduce dark circles and signs of anti-ageing by protecting and stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin with the help of our special ingredients.
In how many months visible results for stubborn dark circles will be seen in this Deep Repair under eye serum?
If used as per the direction specified ,visible results will be seen in 4 to 8 weeks.
At what age should eye serum be incorporated in skincare routine?
The under eye serum can be used when you are in your 20s and it will help with dark circles , puffiness and aging signs.It definitely should be a strict path of your skincare routine in your 30s and onwards.
How many times should you use this under eye serum for dark circles?
The best way to use this under eye serum for dark circlesis every morning and every night before your bed time. It should be applied every 12hours.
What are the side effects of this under eye serum for dark circles?
All of the ingredients in this product are 100% natural and rooted in ayurveda , so there is no side effect.

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